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ACP-105 Powder

ACP-105 selectively targets the bone and muscles without affecting the prostate as done by steroids. It is thus used to build muscle strength and also helps to treat several conditions like osteoporosis.




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Studies have proposed ACP-105 Powder is a non-steroidal SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) offering several health benefits without the side effects of known steroids.

Research findings show that it functions with as much potency as testosterone without binding with other hormone receptors. In addition, it can selectively target the bone and muscles without affecting the prostate as steroids do.

ACP-105 can build muscle strength and help treat several conditions like osteoporosis. This is because ACP-105 powder, like all other SARMs, only attaches to androgen receptors of the muscles and bones.

Research has shown it avoids sexual tissues, reducing complications like enlarged prostate or clitoris and prostate cancer. In addition, as a result of it specifically targeting muscles and bones, it is thought to provide the same strength and muscle growth as provided by steroids but without the unnatural appearance and effects.

Benefits of ACP-105 Powder:

  • Builds muscle and strength
  • Can increase bone strength
  • Avoids sexual tissues
  • Has shown the potential to assist with the treatment of osteoporosis



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