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S23 – Capsules

Each Capsules pot comes with 60 capsules. 10mg per capsule.

S23 is a popular SARM that builds muscle mass and reduces fat effectively. In addition, research has suggested that S-23 SARM strengthens bones, which could be used to help those suffering from bone diseases such as Osteoporosis.



S23 Capsules China

Each Capsules pot comes with 60 capsules. 10mg per capsule.

Sarms S23 capsules are a Selective Androgen Receptor Modular, popularly known as sarm, which binds itself to particular receptors inside the human body, also increasing testosterone activity. Like most Sarms, the S-23 sarm principally works on muscle and bone tissues, which activate the anabolic reaction in specific areas.

Studies have indicated that S-23 compound could help muscle mass and reduce fat effectively. Research has suggested it can increase lean muscle and supersede the estrogen effect, which was applied to encourage mating ability. In addition, at larger doses it can result in rapid fat-burning effects.

Research has indicated that S23 capsules could be successfully used as a Male contraceptive without harming performance and compromising health in general. Further research is needed, but it has been shown to suppress sperm-producing hormones, such as LH and FSH; thus, it could effectively work as a male contraceptive.

Experiments have demonstrated S23 capsules are effective in increasing bone strength to a substantial level. Through boosting oestrogen and sex hormones essential to keeping bones healthy and strong. This could be useful in premenopausal women with reduced oestrogen levels and prone to developing bone diseases.
In another study on female rats, who were at a postmenopausal stage, showed that the use of S-23 effectively improved their mating power.

Benefits of S23 Capsules:

Research has indicated that S23 capsule Sarms could offer the following benefits:

  • Increase lean muscle
  • Cause rapid weight loss
  • Strengthen bones
  • Boosts oestrogen, which could be helpful to premenopausal women
  • Potential to developed as a male contraceptive




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